Giving Advice to Gambling Patrons

Customer Liaison OfficerAs I sit down to write this blog after two full days of training gaming nominees and Customer Liaison Officers, I come to think about how everyone is different in so many ways!

This becomes even more evident when it comes to gaming related issues, more so, how we as gaming operators need to understand the different types of gamblers and how to approach them, especially if we see that the service of such gaming…which we provide…is becoming an issue!

Let’s face it, we’ve all been down the road, where we have seen a patron that may need our help, and think…Now, how do I actually go about this?

The best way to approach the patron is to first understand the emotional signs they are showing – an external result of internal stress… Some of these patrons, whether they’ve been crying, getting angry or have come to you directly – all need help.

And a simple way to start the conversation is…. “Is there anything you would like to talk about?” I’ve found in most cases, if you’ve said it with good intention and in a non judgemental attitude, you’ve given the patron the opening they needed – to take the first step to talk about their gaming related problems!

What’s most important about this is that you’ve completed your obligations under the Responsible Gambling Code of Practice, by acting on any gaming related issues that is brought up by a patron.

And remember, as a Customer Liaison Officer, it is your job to provide assistance. You have morally done the right thing, by giving the patron the opportunity to speak about their problems and ultimately seek help, which is the essence of the Responsible Gambling Code of Practice. Remember to treat everyone as an individual!