Getting Your Venue Ready for Gaming Compliance

Responsible Service of GamblingSo many changes!!!! We all need to be aware that these changes are going to have a major impact on your responsible gambling practices and compliance issues! With the pre commitment saga out of the way, it’s time to now pull our socks up and prepare for yet another…

With changes looming for the gaming industry and the increase of a penalty unit to $110, you can be sure that the process a venue has with regard to these exclusions is of major importance! Generally what the increase means, is that our beloved compliance officers will be out and about in a big way so we need to be prepared!!!!

The best way to be prepared …yep I say it again…


When we look at our exclusions processes, documentation is of the utmost importance!! Everything documented, neatly listed and organised, is the best way to go! In relation to that is making sure that your signage throughout the venue is up to date and you have all the right forms on: display!! Here’s a few, to say the least, that are NEEDED!!! Ok here we go…

  • Responsible gaming mission statement

  • Gaming License

  • List of CLO’s

  • Odds of winning

  • Rules ancillary to gaming

  • All responsible service of gaming “help material”

  • Exclusions provision

These are just to name a few! A list of all your trained CLO officers is a must that a lot of venues tend to glance over. What we need to remember is that responsible venues must have a minimum of 1 staff member trained in the roles of a Customer Liaison Officer!…However the best practice is to have all your managers trained, as let’s face it, they are simply there the most!! All of this is in the spirit of the act by minimising harm and you can be sure that OLGR will be out and about in venues over the next couple of months!!!! RSG Training and organisation is the only way to go!!!