Gaming providers must employ a Customer Liaison Officer

Gaming providers must employ a customer liaison officerAs part of the Responsible Gambling Code of Practice, gambling providers must employ a Customer Liaison Officer, to ensure active and ongoing communication with patrons as well as the wider community, as a harm minimisation initiative.

Customer Liaison Officers or CLOs act as mediators between the problem gambler and gambling-related support services or community networks, to find the best assistance for the patron.

CLOs have three (3) key responsibilities:

  1. Provide appropriate information to assist patrons with gambling-related problems
  2. Support staff in providing assistance to patrons
  3. Provide assistance to staff with gambling-related problems

It’s a legislative requirement for venues with gambling facilities.  Generally, a manager or a senior staff member will take on this role.  Make sure you receive appropriate training in handling this serious issue, by enrolling in a customer liaison course.