Gaming Machines: 2008 Survey Results

Responsible Service of GamingAnnually, The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) surveys the clubs and hotels that have gaming machines. They complete this annual survey to gauge and gather information on the industry. It also provides the industry with a voice.

The 2008 OLGR survey illustrated some key points in regard to gaming machine venues:

  • Most clubs reported that they provide additional services such as live entertainment, function facilities and/or live sporting events

  • Clubs reported that, on average, 32% of revenue came from bar sales and 35% came from gaming machines

  • Approximately 60% of clubs reported their gross revenue had increased from the previous financial year; however, 11% reported that their revenue stayed the same. While 28% reported that their revenue, for 07-08 financial year, decreased

  • Queensland gaming venues employed up for 16,100 employees; 3,700 full time; 1,600 part time; 8,100 casuals; 2,300 voluntary staff

  • Around half of Queensland clubs made some building or facility improvements

  • Queensland Clubs together invested $126.8million on building improvements over the financial year

  • 82% of Queensland Clubs assisted the wide community

  • Clubs commonly supported aged care, schools, health and sports and recreation organisations

  • Clubs collectively donated over $32.9million in cash and $12.0million in non-cash support

  • 94% of clubs reported that they believed that their responsible service of gambling provides a supportive gambling environment

  • 85% believed that their responsible service of gambling was good for business

This survey is organised and undertaken by OLGR annually to gauge the industry, and to see what the consensus is over the year. It also provides insight for the gaming industry to see how other gaming venues are fairing.