Gambling Player Loyalty Programs: Practices for Clubs and Hotels (Part III)

Learn more about PLP responsibilitiesLast time, we talked about the basic terms used in Player Loyalty Programs or PLP.  This week, we’ll be looking at PLP reward point accrual or redemption mechanisms.

Practice 5 outlines that PLP reward point accrual or redemption mechanisms do not focus exclusively on gambling activities where other venue activities are available, where practicable.  Here is a short guide outlining acceptable and non-acceptable practices.

Acceptable practices

  • Link your PLP reward point accrual or redemption mechanisms with other venue activities, where available and practicable.  Here’s an example:  “Redeem your Reward Points in our bistro, bars, and bottle shop. Gift certificates also available”.

  • When distributing cash vouchers, ensure they make no reference to gambling.  For example – “Redeem your rewards points for club/hotel/venue dollars”.

  • Ensure that members redeem their loyalty points away from a gaming machine.

Unacceptable practices

  • Redemption of points for gaming credits only.  An example of this could be: “Rewards Points can only be redeemed for $10 Pokie Cash Vouchers”

  • Using gambling terms with cash vouchers such as: ”Redeem your rewards points for Pokie Cash”

  • Members redeeming loyalty points at a gaming machine.

When being compliant with Practice 6 PLP features or functions, this should not implicitly or explicitly be directed at minors or vulnerable or disadvantaged groups.

Acceptable practices

a) PLP material is directed at adults 18 years ad over

b) Ensuring PLP material is not sent to an excluded patron or a person who does not want to receive this material. An example could include advertising a statement that assures patrons that they will not receive this material without their permission.

Unacceptable practices

Advertising graphic PLP material aimed at attracting minors or disadvantaged groups, such as video games that specifically appeal to children.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to knowledge of PLP and the many facets of gaming compliance.  To find out more, why not consider enrolling in our Customer Liaison Officer course?  In the meantime, check out our news page for more information on PLP.