Gambling Player Loyalty Programs – Definition of Commonly Used Terms

Customer Liaison OfficerCustomer Liaison Officers must familiarise themselves with these definitions which are referred to frequently in the Queensland Responsible Gambling Guidelines for Player Loyalty Programs (PLP).

“Player Loyalty Program (PLP)” means a system or program designed to build player loyalty, by suitably and responsibly recognising and rewarding its members for their loyalty to the organisation and / or its products.

“Inducements” means things that are offered to persuade a person to gamble, for example:

  • Prizes or gifts directly linked to winning a particular game

  • Promotions conditional to a person gambling

  • Offer of free credit to customers or potential customers

“PLP features and functions” means the elements of the PLP itself – these can include:

  • The promotional and operational functionality of a PLP system (e.g. ability to scroll electronic messages across a sandwich card reader screen)

  • The side promotions undertaken at a venue associated with PLP membership

  • The direct marketing materials associated with a PLP

This blog continues the series designed for Customer Liaison Officers to assist them comply with the Responsible Gambling Code of Practice relating to player loyalty programs.