Gambling House Policy

Responsible Service of GamblingDo you have a gambling house policy? Under the Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice, it states that licensed venues have to have a gambling house policy on hand for any patron if requested. The policy should address problem gambling issues relevant to the local community.

The house policy should include:

  • Management commitment to the training of gambling staff

  • Management commitment to the counselling and support for staff who may have a gambling addiction

  • A commitment to providing a safe environment for all patrons

  • A commitment to serving patrons in a friendly, responsible and professional manner

  • Provide information to patron in regard to how they assist problem gamblers

If you work within a licensed venue that has gambling service within, you should ensure that you are well aware of the house policy, and where the document copy is located if a patron requests to see it at any time. There also should be a sign that states: if anyone wants to view the gambling house policy, to talk to one of the staff and they will be able to present it to them at any time.