Gambling At Work

Responsible Service of GamblingHave you ever seen a colleague gambling online during work hours? Gambling and gambling-related activities are frequently carried out within work hours by individuals with gambling addiction. They use work as a shield from family and friends – and at the same time, using the workplace as an outlet for their addiction.

The reason behind gambling at work is generally as an individual’s addiction is out of control, and as it is a place where they can continue to hide their problem from their family. As work is generally used as a means to shield from their family about their problem, managers and co-workers are then the first line of defence. Therefore, employees within a workplace need to be aware of the signs that are associated with a gambling problem. This is important so that they are able to get assistance for their colleague before it is too late.

The workplace signs of a gambling addiction:

  • Work performance is deteriorating and the individual is unable to concentrate on work, misses deadlines, absent from the workplace, late for work and, overall, their quality of work produced is not up to standard

  • Complains about debt

  • Absent from work on a regular basis

  • Eager to join into workplace wagers

  • Regularly disputes expense account

  • Requests for their vacation time to be paid out

  • Regularly borrows money off colleagues, disputes amounts owed

  • Excessive use of work computers  

  • Takes an excessive amount of personal phone calls

  • Lost time, the person uses their time to complete non-work associated activities such as online gambling

  • Loss of productivity

  • Theft of workplace objects and/or cash

Staff within a workplace should report to management if any staff members are exhibiting the above signs. However, staff members should not confront about a suspected gambling addiction unless the claim is undisputable. Nevertheless, if a team member has come forward about their gambling addiction, the team needs to support and not scrutinise the team member, and work with them to overcome their addiction.