Gambling: are you in control?

Do you understand the warning signs of problem gambling?A key component of delivering responsible service of gambling, it to ensure you understand the risks and warning signs associated with problem gambling.

Most adult Queenslanders gamble – whether it be at a casino or the local hotel or club – on lotto, bingo, the horses, sports events, keno, gaming machines or some other game of chance.

For most people, gambling is a bit of light hearted entertainment. But for some, gambling can get out of control. They lose sight of the fact that gambling is a game and the games are designed to return less in winnings than is gambled. Gambling is not a reliable strategy to make money.

When people get into trouble with gambling, they often can’t stop their betting and end up losing large amounts of money. This may also affect relationships with family and friends.

Responsible gambling tips:

The responsible gambler doesn’t let the game play them.

  • gamble for the fun of it, not for the money
  • don’t gamble to escape stress or boredom
  • set a limit and don’t exceed it
  • don’t chase losses – leave – walk away
  • gamble only what you can afford to lose
  • never borrow money to gamble
  • stay in control and think of the people who need your support.

Warning signs

When someone has a problem with gambling, warning signs may include:

  • spending more time or money on gambling than intended
  • arguing with family and friends after gambling
  • strong desire to return as soon as possible to win back losses
  • feeling guilty or remorseful about gambling
  • borrowing money or selling assets to gamble
  • missing work to gamble
  • hiding the extent of their gambling.

Ensure your RSG certificate is current to ensure you understand the risks and warning signs of problem gambling to meet your obligations under relevant gaming legislation.