Gambling affecting mental health

Responsible Service of GamblingIs gambling affecting your mental health? If you are suffering from a gambling issue, then your mental health is more than likely also suffering as a result. Most people do not understand the correlation or impact of gambling in regard to mental health. Completing a Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG) will provide insight into how gambling can affect mental health.

People may not see the connection between a gambling addiction and mental health concerns, however, problem gambling is associated with the below mental health issues;

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Mood disorders

  • Poor physical health

  • Suicidal

Persons with gambling addictions are also at high risk of co-morbidity (the existence of other conditions such as alcohol, drug use and or mental health issues) and cross addictions. A recent study indicated that 71.4% of individuals with a gambling addiction are at risk of depression and 50% of them are likely to have an alcohol addiction as well as a gambling addiction.

Individuals with gambling issues are more susceptible to correlating mental issues. This is as a gambling issue takes its toll on the person and, due to the stress related with the issue, can increase psychological issues such as depression. Individuals with gambling issues should gain professional assistance to overcome and work on their gambling issue, to ensure no further mental issues are inflicted.