Gambling advertising and promotions

Responsible Service of GamblingThe Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice states that gambling venues are to develop and implement strategies to ensure that advertising and promotions are delivered in a responsible manner, with consideration given to the potential impact on people adversely affected by gambling. The Code has 13 advertising and promotions standards. RSG staff should be familiar with these standards.

To assist venues implementing the advertising and promotion standards, a Responsible Gambling Advertising and Promotions Guideline has been developed. The guideline provides examples of acceptable and unacceptable advertising and promotions practices. As a general rule, all advertising should promote a range of facilities and services at the venue, and not primarily the gambling facilities at your venue.

Any gambling advertising and promotions as per guideline –

  1. Complies with the Advertising Code of Ethics as adopted by the Australian Association of National Advertisers

  2. Is not false, misleading or deceptive

  3. Does not imply or explicitly misrepresent the probability of winning a prize

  4. Does not give the impression that gambling is a reasonable strategy for financial betterment

  5. Does not include misleading statements about odds, prizes or chances of winning

  6. Does not offend prevailing community standards

  7. Does not allow gambling to dominate where there are other activities to promote

  8. Is not implicitly or explicitly directed at minors or vulnerable or disadvantaged groups

  9. Does not involve any external signs advising of winnings

  10. Does not involve an irresponsible trading practices by the gambling provider

  11. Does not depict or promote the consumption of alcohol while engaged in the gambling activity

  12. Has the consent of the person prior to publishing or causing to be published anything which identifies a person who has won a prize

  13. Where appropriate, positive gambling messages are incorporated in advertising and promotion

RSG staff should familiarise themselves with the Queensland Responsible Gambling Cod