Gambling Addiction: Talk to a real person online

Responsible Service of GamblingMany Australians deal with a gambling addiction, however most don’t know how to face their problem or where to start to get help. The first step is the hardest. Now, help is just a click away. Available immediately with no need to make an appointment, as there is now access to gambling counsellors online 24/7 and is as easy as a click of the mouse.

Online counselling is now readily available for anyone that is affected by a gambling addiction and wants to seek support. Gambling Help Online provides live counselling and emailing support, and allows participants to remain anonymous within the confidential environment. This means that anyone that needs help but wants to remains unnamed may do so, allowing people that may not have come forward before to do so.

Online gambling has extended its reach to the rural communities and outer suburbs of Australia, as it does not require a physical presence. Therefore, the new real-time chat available 24/7 anywhere in Australia means that people who may not have had access to gambling counselling support as they live in rural areas – are able to receive support.

The new online counselling system is easy accessible and simple navigate. The below steps identify the stress-free process of talking to a counsellor in real time:

1. Sign-up to the service with an email and password. This email and password is completely confidential and will not be disclosed at any time.

2. You must then proceed and accept the terms and conditions of the online counselling services.

2.  The online counsellor will then proceed to ask questions that relate to your situation, gauging how to best meet your needs. Please note however that these answers are completely confidential.

3.  Start your chat with your counsellor in real time – the conversation will appear similar to instant messaging.

4.  When you have finished your session with your online counsellor and want to delete the conversation from your computer, the recommendation is to check your computer security settings and security policy for instructions on how to do so.

In four (4) easy steps, you are able to contact and discuss your issues with a real counsellor online at any time.



Immediate 24/7 access to a qualified gambling counsellor

Can seem time-consuming due to time to type answers

A safe and confidential place to talk about your gambling concerns with a counsellor

You can feel pressured if the counsellor is responding

Quick and real-time responses that suit you

If the connection is unreliable or are not computer-savvy

Allows you time and space to reflect the situation and conversation

Issues can be hard to discuss due to the medium

Anyone is able to access the online counselling system, no matter where they are within Australia

The online system allows anyone to have access to the assistance of a counsellor and can minimise the impact of a gambling issue. Access to help and the ease to obtain the assistance mean that gamblers have less reason not to gain help. It is as easy as one click.