Food Safety While Cooking

Implement hygiene proceduresFood contamination is not just limited to ‘risky’ foods like raw meat. Fruits, vegetables and salads also run the risk of contamination. Raw or undercooked foods are the main source of bacteria in the kitchen. If food is not thoroughly cooked or if cooked food comes into contact with raw food, the risk of food poisoning increases substantially.

To understand the implications of poor hygiene or food preparation, it is advisable to seek food safety supervisor training.  In the meantime, here are some basic steps you can follow to avoid food contamination.

  • Use recipe cards with clear instructions on cooking times and temperatures and when to adjust if necessary.

  • Make sure each activity is logged and keeping records ensure food is cooked safely.

  • Ensure you preheat any cooking equipment before use.  Check the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure food is correctly cooked at the recommended temperature and time.

  • To ensure joints of meat such as beef or pork are cooked, insert a clean skewer into the centre until the juices run out.  If it runs out clean with no sign of red or pink, it is cooked. Turning meat and poultry during cooking helps it to cook evenly.

  • Stir liquid dishes frequently to prevent cold spots.

  • Dishes containing eggs must be thoroughly cooked as they may contain food-poisoning bacteria such as salmonella.  Ensure eggs are fresh, clean and without cracks.

  • Before cooking mussels and clams, throw away any with open or damaged shells.

  • Some consumables, such as red kidney beans, contain natural toxins.  Make sure you destroy the toxins through soaking and cooking.  Check the packaging for instructions.

  • Any meat cooked using a spit must be consumed over one service or sitting.  Chicken on spits must be cooked through with meat served on a hot plate to ensure it is fully cooked and safe to eat.

To find out how you can ensure any dish you prepare is consistently safe for consumption, why not enrol in our Food Safety Supervisor course today?