Food Safety Supervisor and Building Maintenance Programs

food safety supervisor

Have you given much consideration to the layout of your kitchen?  Perhaps you’ve just acquired a new venue, but some of the food preparation areas are a bit outdated.  Whether your premises are new or have been long established, it pays to have a maintenance program installed or undergo further training such as a Food Safety Supervisor course to ensure that food is prepared safely.

A kitchen maintenance program should be established and should include:

  • A regular review system that considers the condition of building structure and equipment (e.g. monthly maintenance check by the manager or Food Safety Supervisor to ensure the integrity of the building and equipment, daily checks prior to work commencing in the premises and operation of equipment to ensure it is functioning properly)
  • Document any corrective action required
  • Schedule a monthly maintenance check
  • Ensure machinery is regularly serviced
  • If considering a refurbishment, document how construction will affect food preparation areas, for example: building construction activities may increase the risk of contamination from bacteria, pests or foreign matter.

Another important note is to ensure that any new equipment such as industrial ovens or cold rooms meet industry standard temperatures, by conducting a corresponding verification test.

According to the Food Standards Code 3.2.3, maintenance of buildings and equipment must be undertaken to minimise the risk of food contamination.

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