Food Safety on Commercial Vessels

Food Safety SupervisorIf you operate a charter vessel, passenger service or other commercial vessel business which sells and/or handles food intended for sale, your business is considered to be a ‘food business’ and must comply with the Act. Food Safety Supervisors may also be required.

Under the Act, a ‘food business’ is defined as a business, enterprise or activity (other than primary food production) involving the handling of food intended for sale or the sale of food.

This definition applies regardless of:

  • Whether it is a one-off occasion

  • Whether it is in connection with a charity or other fund raising event

  • Regardless of the type of foods involved

The definition of ‘sell’ determines whether or not your food-related activities constitute the conduct of a food business. Sell is a very broad term under the Act and includes:

  • Food given to passengers inclusive of their cruise fare, including any seafood caught during the tour

  • Food given to employees as part of their contract

  • Food provided on a bare boat charter

However, bareboat hirers who provide or catch their own food for their own consumption are not selling food by sharing it with other members of the hiring party.

If the activities you undertake class you as a food business as defined in the previous section, you may need a food licence from the local government of the area you operate in. All licensed food businesses must have a Food Safety Supervisor.