Food Safety in Queensland

The Food Act 2006 is the food legislation in Queensland.To help you understand why food hygiene is so important, you need to know your legal obligations so that you can prevent harming your workmates, your customers or yourself.

It is the management’s responsibility to make sure hygiene standards are met, and it is your job to work in accordance with these standards.

The Food Act 2006 is the food legislation in Queensland. Each State or Territory and local council may use slightly different words but they all cover the same items, some of these terms include:

  • Food premises and vehicles
  • Food appliances
  • Food hygiene
  • Protection of food appliances from contamination
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Conveyance of food
  • Meat and meat premises
  • Sampling and analysis

In Queensland each year, thousands of people suffer from illnesses associated with eating contaminated food.

Common problems include stomach pains, vomiting diarrhoea and fever. However, in some cases, long-term illnesses can occur or even death. In fact, in Australia, there are approximately 5.4 million cases of food-borne illnesses or food poisoning each year.

Nearly always, food-borne illnesses can be easily prevented. A course in food hygiene will explain how you can prevent people making people ill when you handle food, and how to fulfil your legal obligations when working in the food industry in Queensland and the rest of Australia.