Food Safety During Reheating

Ensure food is served safelyWhat is the correct temperature for reheating food after it’s been cooked?

a)    60°C

b)    65°C

c)    75°C

The correct answer, of course, is 75°C.  Bacteria have the ability to survive in cooked, reheated food that is not heated to at least 75°C in the centre.  Are you certain that your kitchen’s operations consistently serving food to your customers at this temperature?

Here are some effective tips for keeping food safe during reheating:

  • Don’t reheat cooked food more than once

  • Reheat food until the centre reaches 75°C

  • Only use appropriate equipment to reheat food.  For example: a bain-marie should not be used as it is not capable of heating food to 75°C within one hour

  • Stir or mix food where possible to ensure the food is evenly reheated

  • Ensure ovens and grills are preheated before use.  Otherwise, this can cause food to be cooked at a lower temperature that may not be high enough to kill bacteria

  • When using a microwave to reheat food, follow the instructions for the model of equipment to ensure that food is properly reheated

  • Use clean utensils and equipment to avoid cross-contamination during any handling

Studying a Food Safety Supervisor course is an ideal way to ensure the safety of your patrons and is in the interests of your venue.