Food Safety and Cloths

Follow workplace hygiene proceduresCloths within a kitchen can be one of the top causes of cross-contamination. This is as numerous people picks up and uses the same cloth for different purposes without realising; clean bench, clean dishes and/or cleaning spills. It is essential to ensure to use and clean cloths safely, preventing cross-contamination.

If you are going to use a cloth to clean a surface, ensure that you are using the most appropriate and safest cloth possible. You should also consider using a disposable cloth wherever possible, minimising the risk of cross-contamination as the cloth can only be used once.

Always use freshly cleaned and/or disinfected cloths to wipe down surfaces, equipment or utensils, especially if the product is going to be used near or with ready-to-eat food. This is as if you are using it with ready-to-eat food or the food will not be cooked, therefore killing any bacteria before consumption.

If you see a dirty cloth within the kitchen, remove it to be cleaned or disposed off immediately, minimising the risk of someone using it and contaminating a product. If you think someone else may possibly use it, make sure it is out of eyesight or reach so that anyone else is unable to use it.

Cloths can easily spread bacteria and cross-contaminate as they do not necessarily have to be dirty to be contaminated. Therefore, if you are using a cloth, make sure you only use it once or it is cleaned between uses. This is as someone within the kitchen may think that the cloth is clean and use it to wipe down the benches, which may contaminate the bench area used to prepare food. If you do use cloths, clean them as regularly as possible to decrease the risk of bacteria spreading.