Food premises and equipment – part II

Food Safety SupervisorThis blog continues the discussion for Food Safety Supervisors on the equipment and facilities in food premises.

Fixtures, fittings and equipment

Fixtures, fittings and equipment must be adequate for the production of safe food and fit for their intended use. All fixtures, fittings and equipment must be properly designed, constructed, located and installed so that these:

  • Will not contaminate food

  • Can be easily and effectively cleaned

  • Provide easy access to floors, ceilings, and other surfaces for effective cleaning

  • Will not provide spaces where pests may breed

All food contact surfaces of fixtures, fittings and equipment must be

  • Accessible, to be effectively cleaned and/or sanitised

  • Sealed so as not to absorb food particles, grease or water

  • Constructed with material that will not contaminate food

  • Of appropriate design for all eating and drinking utensils to be easily and effectively cleaned and sanitised

This includes the appropriate design of equipment used to clean utensils to ensure that effective cleaning and sanitising can be achieved

Hand washing facilities must be:

  • Located in food preparation areas and adjacent to toilets of permanent fixtures

  • Supplied with warm running potable water

  • Of a size that allows easy and effective hand washing

  • Clearly designated for the sole purpose of washing hands, arms and face

  • Supplied with soap or other item that may be used to thoroughly clean hands

  • Provided with single use towels or other means of effectively drying hands and a container for used towels

  • Of sufficient strength and must not be easily chipped, broken or cracked

Storage facilities

Facilities must have adequate storage space for items that are likely to be sources of contamination of food, including chemicals, clothing and personal belongings. Storage facilities must be located where there is no likelihood of stored items contaminating food or food contact surfaces.

Toilet facilities

Adequate toilets must be available for use of food handlers.


Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the premises, fixtures, fittings and equipment are maintained in a good state of repair and working order, so as not to compromise food safety and suitability.

Food premises, fixtures, fittings and equipment and those parts of vehicles that are used to transport food need to be properly maintained to:

  • Prevent contamination of food from flaking plaster, paint, timber, broken glass, leaking pipes, etc.

  • Enable effective cleaning, and if necessary – sanitising

  • Ensure pests do not gain access to the building or vehicle from holes in ceilings, walls, etc.

  • Ensure the equipment works as intended

  • Ensure any chipped, broken or cracked eating or drinking utensils are not used

Food Safety Supervisors need to ensure that food premises are fitted out and maintained to improve food safety.