Food handling, cleaning and sanitising to prevent food-borne illness

Food handler

Food businesses must maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene at their premises when food handling. This includes equipment, fixtures and fittings as well as the vehicles that are used to transport food. Food Handlers are expected to uphold a standard of cleanliness that ensures there is no accumulation of garbage, recycled matter, food waste, dirt or grease.

If you are processing fresh food using unclean equipment you will transfer bacteria into the food. Utensils and equipment used to prepare and cook food must be cleaned and sanitised before each use as well as in between usages for raw food and ready‐to‐eat food.

Don’t forget to regularly clean and sanitise utensils or equipment that are being used continuously to prepare, process or serve food. And always remember to clean and sanitise surfaces.

As a food handler working in a food business you play an important role in preventing food-borne illness and customers getting sick. To ensure you fully understand your responsibilities under the Food Act 2006 and Food Safety Standards, why not enrol in our Hygiene for Food Handlers online training course. Train today!