Food Handlers to keep hands and nails clean

Follow workplace hygiene proceduresIt is very important for Food Handlers to keep their hands and fingernails clean and dry when handling food. This will minimise the transfer of microorganisms onto food. Dirty, damp hands transfer microorganisms more easily than clean dry hands. Food-poisoning microorganisms, such as Hepatitis A and Salmonella, can be passed on when dirty hands come into contact with food.

Food Handlers must not wear jewellery when handling food. Jewellery carries bacteria, which can cause food poisoning. Jewellery can also be caught in machinery and cause injury. If you work in food preparation areas and wear jewellery of any kind, you risk transferring bacteria to the food from the jewellery. A wedding ring can cross contaminate the food you are handling, as small particles of food may be caught under the ring and fall into different foods.

An example of this may be when people use their hands to mix hamburger mince to make meat patties. They wash their hands, but may miss some raw meat caught under their rings. They may then prepare salad sandwich, and the raw meat may contact the salad ingredients.

Food Handlers need to thoroughly – wash hands and nails with soap and warm running water, dry their hands, and cover cuts and infections on their hands.