Fit and proper or suitable person

Enrol in RMLV training todayYou may have heard of the term ‘fit and proper person’ before.  This is quite a vague term, so what does it really mean under the Liquor Act?  You can find out more about these terms when you attend one of our RMLV courses.

When determining whether someone is a fit and proper person under the Liquor Act, or an appropriate person under the Wine Industry Act, to hold a licence, the following factors will be considered by the Executive Director, including whether the person:

  1. Has not been declared bankrupt, (this rule is exempt case of a candidate who has no financial or vested interest in the licence or premises for a Wine Industry licence);

  2. Has not incurred major convictions within the last five (5) years;

  3. Has not incurred convictions against the provisions of the Liquor Act;

  1. Has the ability to demonstrate a knowledge and requirements of the obligations of a licensee or permittee in respect to the particular type of licence or permit referred to;

  2. Possesses a good reputation and doesn’t have a history that would indicate otherwise. This is determined by police and referee checks; and

  3. Can prove that they have a responsible attitude to the management and financial obligations.

Adult entertainment permit – Section 107e

When deciding whether an applicant for an adult entertainment permit is a suitable person to provide adult-related entertainment, the chief executive must consider relevant factors, such as the following:

  1. Reputation – character, honesty and integrity

  2. Previous convictions, or associated convictions, that may include:

    • an indictable offence or

    • an offence against the Prostitution Act 1999

To ensure you are aware of any legal terms and requirements that may be required by your venue, consider attending one of our RMLV courses.