Financial Counselling For Gamblers

Customer Liaison OfficerCustomer Liaison Officers should be able to provide information to patrons about the financial counselling services available to gamblers.

Are financial concerns causing worry? – There are free financial counselling services offered across Australia that can help sort it out.

What can financial counsellors do? – Financial counsellors can provide free, confidential, financial advice to individuals, couples and families in a safe environment.

Financial counsellors offer a range of services to help people work towards reducing debt and getting back control of their finances.

Financial counsellors can help –

  • Negotiate formal debt agreements and talk to creditors

  • Manage any debts occurring in the client’s name, and help them pay their bills

  • Legally protect joint assets, such as house, lot, house and lot, etc.

  • Put measures in place, so clients are not held responsible for any further debt a partner/family member who has the gambling problem may incur

  • Check whether clients are entitled to any concessions and entitlements, and provide information on where to obtain food vouchers and other types of assistance

  • Assist clients understand legal processes

  • Separate finances to reduce risk, such as:

    • Arranging separate bank accounts

    • Cancelling joint credit cards

    • Paying bills automatically out of an account that only the client can access  

What financial counsellors cannot do?

  • Pay client’s bills

  • Make any decisions on the client’s behalf

  • Organise a debt consolidation loan

  • Provide investment or non-financial advice

Understanding the financial counselling services available for gamblers will help you become a more effective Customer Liaison Officer.