Features of a safe and supportive gambling venue

Management should be supporting the responsible gambling role of the CLO.A safe and supportive gambling environment involves establishing links with your local Gambling Help Service, and enlisting their professional advice and services. RSG staff should be able to readily provide responsible gambling information to patrons. Management should be supporting the responsible gambling role of the Customer Liaison Officer (CLO), and the similar role performed by other venue staff.
The Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice has outlined the following eight (8) key areas and best practices to ensure that the physical environment of a gambling venue is safe for patrons, and supports responsible gambling:

1. Minors prohibited from gambling

2. Minors prohibited from gaming areas

3. Alcohol service to encourage breaks in play

4. Intoxicated patrons are not allowed to gamble

5. Childcare facilities are safe and legal

6. Staff not to encourage gratuities (tips)

7. Patrons should be aware of the passage of time

8. Players are discouraged from extended, intensive and repetitive play

A gambling venue should have developed a financial transactions policy which documents key issues, such as how cheques are cashed and how winnings are paid.

RSG staff should make this policy available, on request, to patrons and ensure this fact be displayed in the venue.