Factors affecting intoxication

Do you understand the factors which affect intoxication?To deliver RSA effectively, it is important that you understand the factors that affect intoxication.

The time taken to reach intoxication will vary from person to person as there are several factors that can also affect timing:

  • Gender -Women have a higher percentage of body fat than men. They may absorb more alcohol than men of similar weight, and therefore display signs of undue intoxication more quickly than men
  • Size -It may take longer for a large person to display signs of undue intoxication than a small person. The larger person has more body fluids and alcohol will be diluted further even though the same number of drinks have been consumed
  • Fitness -A fit person has more muscle and less fat. The absorption rate of alcohol may therefore be slower, and it may take longer for behaviour to be affected
  • Health -Being tired, ill or stressed may affect a patron’s reaction to alcohol
  • State of Mind -Unhappy or depressed patrons may be affected more quickly than usual
  • Rate of Drinking -If patrons are drinking rapidly, the alcohol may have a greater effect as they are absorbing alcohol faster than it can be removed by the body
  • Food -Food slows the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into the body, giving the body more time to remove it
  • Medication -Many medications interact with alcohol. This may increase the loss of control

Understanding the factors that affect intoxication is a key component of delivering responsible service of alcohol.