Exclusion Laws

Responsible Service of GamingA patron may self-exclude from a venue. Why would a patron self-exclude themselves from a venue, you ask? Well the reason is clear – a patron may self-exclude from a venue if he or she believes that they have a gambling addiction and need to take control, which includes self-exclusion.  All Australian gambling providers are required to provide customers with the option to self-exclude from their venue and to assist the patron.

There are some key requirements in regard to exclusion laws:

  • It is the venue’s duty to exclude a patron when the patron requests to be excluded

  • Legislation gives gambling providers the authority, but not a duty, to initiate exclusions

  • Penalties are applied if the gambling venue staff and the venue itself do not comply with the self-exclusion that has been in place

  • Contact details of counsellors in the region must be provided to the patron

  • Self-exclusions will remain in place for five (5) years, unless a written application is made to the venue and the venue agrees to revoke the self-exclusion application

  • Self-exclusions cannot be revoked within 12 months of first being initiated, unless it is within the 24-hour cooling off period

  • With the permission of the patron, the venue can let the patron re-enter and monitor them closely

  • Gambling providers are required to keep a self-exclusion log

  • Gambling providers must regularly send through their exclusion log to OLGR

  • Gambling providers must contact OLGR within 7 days of a self-exclusion being lifted.

If you want to know more about self-exclusion laws, please contact Club Training Australia and complete your Responsible Service of Gambling, which is a quick and easy online assessment where you will learn more about gambling and your venues obligations in regard to gambling.