Excluded patrons and gaming promotions

Responsible Service of GamblingAs a gambling venue employee (if it is part of your job description), you must ensure that your venue’s advertising and promotional policies are correctly implemented.

A key responsible gambling strategy is to ensure that a patron who is excluded from your venue (either a self-exclusion or a venue-initiated exclusion), is not sent advertisements or promotional materials. A patron trying to abstain from gambling should not be sent anything that encourages visiting the venue. This applies also to patrons who are not excluded, but request that such advertising and promotional materials are not sent to them – your venue should ensure this choice is respected.

Extract from the Gaming Machine Act 1991

Section 261L Distributing promotional or advertising material about licensed premises –

“A licensee must not distribute promotional or advertising material about the licensee’s licensed premises to a person, who the licensee knows or ought reasonably to know is prohibited from entering or remaining in the licensed premises or a gaming machine area on the licensed premises, under a self-exclusion order or exclusion direction.”

Maximum penalty – 40 penalty units.

Keep your knowledge up-to-date to ensure that you understand your role as a gambling venue employee.