Ensuring the Responsible Service of Alcohol

RMLV certificationImagine this scenario: a new employee, Becky has just begun her first night shift at your venue.  She has spent a few weeks waitressing during the lunch shift, but you’re keen to give her some exposure to working at the bar during the evening.  At 9pm a group of young men starts to hassle her for more drinks even though it’s clear they should not be served any more alcohol.  As Becky is inexperienced and hasn’t received much training in this area, she gets intimidated and flustered, so she gives into their request. The duty manager, who was distracted by other patrons at the bar, reprimands her for it.

There are easy ways to prevent a situation like this from getting out of control.  With appropriate RMLV training, you can ensure that your venue and the conduct of your staff members comply with your local Liquor Accord and improve the overall management of your venue.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Ensure you have a set of house policies or code of conduct and make sure staff are aware and actively practice them

  • Train your staff in the responsible service of alcohol – gaining an RSA doesn’t stop at the theory.  It also takes experience and proper guidance

  • Consider your promotions carefully to ensure they don’t encourage excessive drinking

  • Develop strategies to prevent the intoxication of minors.  This can include:

– Monitoring your customers’ behaviour

– Carrying out ID checks to prevent minors from being served alcohol

– Ensuring that intoxicated persons are not served or supplied with liquor

– Supplying low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages and providing water free of charge

– Serving food at a reasonable cost

  • Refuse entry to intoxicated persons

Keeping abreast of alcohol-related legislation is an effective tactic to ensure that you and your staff are knowledgeable in this area.  Becoming an active member of your community by promoting educational material on the effects caused by irresponsible service and consumption of alcohol is a proactive method of excellent management.  You can additionally take this one step further and maintain a solid relationship with members of any Liquor Accords to ensure a constructive response to any complaints that may arise in relation to the service of alcohol.

RMLV training is a fantastic and easy way to re-educate yourself in the most up-to-date legislation and management skills to safeguard the future of your venue as well as maximise its potential.  Visit our homepage to find your nearest RMLV course.