Ensuring Food Safety at Off-Site Events – Part I

Food Safety SupervisorIf your food service establishment is catering for local events, festivals or any food event away from your food premises, Food Safety Supervisors need to be vigilant to ensure that the food you provide is safe. The food safety problems that may occur will depend on the food handling activities that you will have at an event.

The local government or other relevant authority should be contacted to determine if the event needs to be licensed, or if there are other specific legislated requirements.

Food safety hazards at off-site events

  • Poor storage facilities may cause food to spoil or become contaminated

  • If equipment is unclean, it could contaminate the food and cause a food-borne illness

  • Untrained staff may unknowingly contaminate food

  • Waste or spoiled food may contaminate the food being prepared or served

  • Lack of temperature control in off-site events may result in the growth of bacteria and lead to food-borne illness

For each event, Food Safety Supervisors should determine what food handling activities will be made at the event.