Ensuring Food Prepared Off-Site Is Safe – Part 1

Food Safety SupervisorProviding food at an event is a great way to promote your services, but have you considered the risks involved with preparing food off-site?

Elements such as the food you will offer, the site’s facilities and the equipment you will need to deliver your service are all important factors that need to be pre-planned.  Here are some examples of the requirements you will need to address as a responsible vendor:

Site Facilities

  • Ask the event organisers for a detailed map of the area of the event grounds and the space available to you

  • Get a list of the site facilities and whether you are required to pay for any additional power.  Facilities can include: safe drinking water, frozen storage and waste removal

  • Ask if on-site shelter is available to stall-holders or whether you’ll have to provide your own

Your Stall

  • Make your own arrangements to access electricity, safe drinking water, waste disposal, wastewater drainage, toilet facilities, and hand-washing, if only some or none of these requirements are available onsite

  • Hire any equipment that will ensure that your food is stored, prepared

  • Ensure you have access to a hot water supply

Before the Event

  • Work out what food preparation you will need to do in order to safely serve food to the public

  • Determine if any food used during the event will have to be purchased from any new suppliers and check that they are registered as food businesses with their local council

  • Organise a kit that includes a temperature probe, cleaning agents, as well as any other equipment and extra copies of records

  • Brief your staff before the event so they know which records will be required, how to fill them in, and how to check temperatures

  • It’s important that all staff working on the day have read the instructions in your Food Safety Program to ensure that food is prepared safely

  • Ensure each staff member knows who is their primary business contact if they need assistance with a food safety-related query during the event

  • Train staff to handle enquiries about allergens

CTA offer a comprehensive Food Safety Supervisor course that can help you understand your requirements when preparing food hygienically.  Click here to find out more.