Ensure that food provided at off-premises activities and events is safe: Part 2

Food safety supervisor trainingIn part one of this series, we talked about how to prepare food offsite safely by ensuring that you had proper facilities and site infrastructure, to enable you or your staff to serve food to the public.

In the second half of our series, we share our tips to help you make your food stall a success on the day.

Food Safety on the day of the event

  • Ensure that all transported food has arrived intact and that no possible contamination through spills, leakages or breakages have occurred en-route

  • Make sure that all equipment is in clean, working order

  • When setting up your stall, maximise its protection from contamination by the public, dust, animals, etc.

  • Label any packaging in accordance with the Food Standards Code.  This ensures that patrons have access to accurate information about the product such as possible allergens

  • Brief staff about allergens and intolerances so they can give patrons specific information about your products

  • Limit food exposure as much as possible before the event begins.  Work out how you will manage mobile food storage and their security during the event

  • Always keep safe (potable) water within easy access of your staff, for hand washing and cleaning equipment

  • Keep your food preparation areas separate.  For example, you must never prepare raw and cooked food on the same bench

  • Ensure that the appropriate sanitisation equipment is available, and clean utensils and store them away as you go

  • Train staff in the Food Safety Program and confirm their responsibilities on the day, so that they know what action to take if they encounter any difficult scenarios

  • Make sure that rubbish is regularly removed throughout the event

  • Following the event, review your operations and debrief your staff on what went well or which areas could be improved on next time

  • Make sure you record any events, festivals or food shows that your business participates in for future publicity and the growth of your business’s portfolio.

If you think that you or your staff need thorough training in food safety, consider enrolling our Food Safety Supervisor course that can be completed at your own pace online in your own time.