Employer of Choice – What it means for your venue

Employer of Choice – What it means for your venueGaining recognition as an Employer of Choice can really boost your venue’s reputation within the industry as well as the community.  However, achieving the steps and processes required to do this can become a difficult, costly and lengthy process, with visible gaps if not carried out in a multi-pronged approach.

Club Training Australia can offer venues a simple, cost effective solution that can actually maximise your venue’s revenue whilst improving the internal value of your business. 

School Based Traineeships can become your venue’s answer to achieving the multiple goals required to gaining the Employer of Choice title and transforming your venue into a community drawcard.

What is an Employer of Choice?

While the term is certainly vague, it is nevertheless an important achievement for venues dedicated to investing into quality staff, ensuring the longevity of the business, as well as remaining competitive in the labour market.

Being recognised as an Employer of Choice is a valuable component of building and promoting your brand, but what are the steps in achieving this goal?  Some of these elements can include:

  • Strong direction and leadership
  • Good recruitment and induction process
  • Effective reward and recognition practices
  • Well regarded external reputation and image
  • Open communication
  • Sound performance and management
  • Safe social environment
  • Consistent values and behaviours

Most of these goals are easily attainable, but it also takes a considerable amount of resources and time which can stall your venue’s progression within this process.   

A School Based Traineeship program is a fantastic way to mould your staff from the ground up and promote existing star performers into positions of responsibility.  This can address current need for job fulfilment and provide a succession plan that encourages talented, dedicated staff to stay on and progress in their careers within the venue.

Not only does School Based Training address the internal, long term requirements of a venue, this program also attracts significant government incentives and grants.  For example, a single School Based trainee undertaking a Certificate III in Hospitality at your venue can attract up to $4,750 in their first year.

It’s a well-known fact that the quality of your brand is determined by what’s being said about you when you’re not in the room.  Gaining the support of local schools through School Based Traineeships is a great way to build your reputation within your local community as a business that supports the employment of young people and promotes the hospitality industry as a rewarding career option.  This, in turn, will increase the patronage of your venue.

For more information on how School Based Traineeships can help you on your way to achieving the Employer of Choice, contact Scott Robertson on 0400 374 569 or email Scott@clubtraining.net.au