Email Gambling Support

Responsible Service of GamblingAdmitting you have a problem with gambling is one of the hardest things to do; however, asking for help can be even harder. The new email support service is a great way to get the support and help that you need to get onto the road to recovery.

The new email support allows people to come forward and admit that they want change in their lives, and want to overcome their gambling addiction. Usually it is used as the first step, providing the individual an environment to ask questions about the process and road to recovery, anonymously. Most people don’t ask for help as they don’t know what help entails, and that can be daunting – the not knowing. So if they have the facts and knowledge that they require, they are able to take the next step and gain one-on-one professional support.

There are a few steps required to establish email support:

  1. Set up an account for the service. This means that you have to supply an email address, and also a nickname. Your email address and nickname are confidential and are never disclosed to anyone – it is completely anonymous.

  2. Read and accept the terms and conditions that are associated with the service.

  3. A few questions to understand the situation will be sent through, the individual must respond to these questions. The answers are completely confidential.

  4. Write your email and wait for a response from the professionally trained, gambling-support team.

Once you have written and sent your email you can expect to receive a response within a couple of hours, however if not, the team will respond within 48 hours

The online email support has numerous advantages and disadvantages:



Being able to write down your thoughts can help you understand how you feel and your situation. The online email-support service is not suited to people that need intensive support.
You are able to respond when you have time; convenient and flexible. As communication is not instant, there may be communication difficulties and/or difficulties working out your needs.
If you cannot type at a fast pace, you can take your time to write your email, in comparison to live chat. The waiting period of a couple of hours for a response may be too long for you.
If you feel apprehensive about being able to talk online with a counsellor without disruption, email is a good alternative.  
You will have the same counsellor each time you reply or respond, creating a bond and meaning that you do not have to repeat your situation.  
No matter where you are, you have access to this service.  

Similar to any service, the consumer needs to consider the advantages and disadvantages in relation to the service, and consider if the service would be beneficial to them, or if there is a better service for them. The service is there for people that require support in relation to a gambling addiction and is a great way to gain the support needed at the time.