Email gambling counselling

Customer Liaison OfficerCustomer Liaison Officers should be able to provide information to patrons about gambling counselling services that are available by email.

When patrons use the email support service, they can expect a couple of emails a week for about six weeks. Over this time they would have access to the same counsellor.

There are four steps in establishing email support:

1. Register for the email support service. This means supplying an email address and name/nickname.The patron’s email address would never be disclosed to anyone outside of the support service.
2. Read and accept the terms and conditions of the service. (Note: Email support is not the best service for people in crisis. Recommend to those in crisis to contact telephone support 1800 858 858).
3. Respond to a few questions about their situation. This will assist the counsellor to best meet their needs. The answers given are confidential.
4. Write the email.

The patron will receive a response within 24 hours. In most cases the patron would expect this to be a few hours.

Benefits of email counselling

Email support service is a great way to get support if the patron needs some answers to questions. Email support can be used independently or in conjunction with live counselling.

Some people use this service because they want to make changes on their own and just need to check in with someone.

Others find they like to have time to consider their thoughts and write them down when they have time to sit down and reflect on what they want to say.

Understanding gambling counselling services including those available by email will help you become a more effective Customer Liaison Officer.