Effectively manage your venue’s noise levels

RMLV training and noise managementWhen considering any changes to licensed premises’ buildings, windows, doors, ventilation equipment or entertainment, it is important to take a preventative approach.  Here is some important information for managers of licenced venues.

You should pay particular attention to the locations of entrances, exits, windows, car parks, access roads, gardens and play areas, as well as the commercial delivery and collection area.  These areas and facilities are prone to noise disturbance, and it may be necessary to take professional advice in reducing layout-specific noise.

Entertainment or operational noise from inside buildings

If designing a new premises, the following examples should be considered in the design stage:

  • The appropriate level of sound insulation based on realistic noise levels;

  • The provision of well-sealed acoustic doors on emergency exits;

  • The provision of sound-insulated windows.

You can find out more useful information on decibel control here.

Gardens and Play Areas

In order to minimise the risk of disturbing neighbours, the use of venue gardens and play areas should not commence before the start of normal trading hours and should close at dusk or at 21:00 hours, whichever is earlier.

Make sure you and your staff keep your RMLV training up to date. It is important to renew your certificate every three (3) years.