Managers, Supervisors, Department Heads

Our seminar will:

  • Explore the ways an employment contract may be ended by either an employee or an employer;
  • Discuss the performance management process and its important role in the discipline and termination processes;
  • Understand valid reasons to discipline an employee;
  • Confirm how to manage the discipline process;
  • Provide an overview of the termination process;
  • Discuss minimising exposure to unfair dismissal and / or general protection / adverse action claims.

Poor performance is often tolerated or handled badly due to a lack of understanding about how to approach the issues or not understanding the importance of addressing issues in a prompt manner.
This seminar will provide line managers with the knowledge and confidence to deal with poor performance and misconduct. Companies face a range of legal risks including bullying and harassment, unfair dismissal and adverse action claims as a result of poor performance management, discipline and termination. Ensure your leaders have up to date and comprehensive training in this contentious area of employment law.

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