Effective Teamwork in a Commercial Kitchen

Interested in a career in commercial cookery?A team is a collection of people who depend on each other’s efforts to achieve a common goal.  Teams are made up of individuals with a wide range of skills, strengths and weaknesses. A team should respect each other’s differences and encourage all members of that team to reach their potential. A Certificate III in Commercial Cookery will show you that effective teamwork between all kitchen service staff is imperative to ensure timely and quality service of food.

Where staff must have specific roles and tasks within a team structure, with which can be an effective method of organising a workforce and encouraging people to co-operate, work together and communicate effectively.

Some characteristics of a good team:

  • All members agree on the team goals, on how to achieve them and by when

  • Team members are flexible and adaptable

  • Have good communication with each other

  • Problems are not allowed to fester unresolved

  • Willing to share information with others

  • Willing to support others with less skill or knowledge

  • Willing to discuss the importance of consistency and standards to new staff

When new people join the workplace, there are some useful points which need to be followed:

  • When familiarising new staff members with dishes that are served, provide written details as to the contents of the dish and explanation of the method of cookery and standard garnish

  • Take the new staff members and show them all of the areas they should be concerned with in regard to commodities they might need, e.g. crockery, food supplies, sauces utensils

  • Familiarise each person with the times that need to be allocated in regard to plating and garnishing

Provide a big picture explanation of the purpose of accurate and pleasantly presented dishes to the organisation, how this flows through to customers, and in turn, benefits the workplace.