Effective Inductions for New Workers

Do you have a suitable induction program at your venue?You cannot simply put a new worker on the job and expect them to work safely. Nor it is enough to just provide a new worker with a manual or guide, they may not read it or understand it. Time spent showing the correct and safest way to do the job produces effective work, efficient workers and less injury. To make your new worker’s induction effective:

  • Pace the induction over a period of weeks or months. Don’t overwhelm them with too much information at once.

  • Give clear written and verbal instructions. To make sure they have absorbed this information, ask them to repeat those instructions.

  • Show and tell them how to perform their tasks safely. Watch them do it and correct any mistakes.

  • Encourage them to ask questions.

  • Involve their supervisor and employees’ safety representative.

  • Follow up with frequent visits and training sessions during their first year.

Keep a copy of all your induction checklists for your records, along with any other notes or information used in the induction.

The new worker should also keep their own copy. Their signature at the end recognises that they have been through the induction process.