Effective Inductions for New Workers

Part 1: New Industry Beverage Dispensing Standard – Inert GasesIn response to the unfortunate death of a Victorian cellar worker due to a gas leakage, a new standard was implemented by business groups such as the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Victorian and New South Wales Work Cover Authorities, gas suppliers, insurers and breweries who recognise the importance to implementing a standard that would help improve safety in the workplace.

So what is this standard? AS5034:  Installation and use of inert gases for beverage dispensing came into effect on the 28th October 2005, and sets out the requirements when using inert gases for beverage dispensing and examines all areas associated with the hazards of compressed and refrigerated gases.

Compressed inert gases systems consist of:

  • Supply systems:  single or multiple supply systems consisting of refrigerated liquid C02 supply, onsite gas generation and mixing, and compressed air
  • Distribution systems:  regulator boards, safety devices and piping
  • Dispensing applications:  this includes post-mix and ready-to-drink applications, bottled wine dispensing, draught beer and ready-to-drink kegs.

It is possible for system and equipment connections may develop leaks due to all gas systems being pressurised.  Inert gases can potentially cause injury or death if they are present in sufficiently high concentrations.  Inert gases can displace enough air to reduce oxygen levels, causing people who may enter the area to lose consciousness or die from asphyxiation.  This is a particularly apparent problem for poorly ventilated, confined spaces.

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