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eBET has over 880 customers, with some 63,000 gaming machines connected. The company has operations and contractual arrangements in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam and Singapore.The eBET Group includes divisions catering Gaming Systems, Gaming Operations and Business Intelligence. eBET’s Gaming Systems Division offer complete gaming system solutions to customers through a diverse range of products and services.The Operations Division provides Licensed Monitoring Operator services for the electronic monitoring, reporting and maintenance of electronic gaming machines. eBET’s Business Intelligence Division presents a complete reporting tool allowing extensive data collection through gaming, member and POS activity. More information can be found at www.ebetgroup.com


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Choose the option that matches the number of gaming machines in your venue.

During the registration process and to ensure that best practice is achieved, the following number of participants are required:

1 – 50 Gaming Machines 1 Manager, 3 Staff*

51 – 105 Gaming Machines 2 Managers, 5 Staff*

*Nominated staff should be those that will work directly with the Metropolis System including Cashier, Reception, Supervisor and Admin Management.

Additional staff who may require training can be nominated during the registration process.

Metropolis Courses

During the registration process, choose the job role that is most relevant to the participant and these are the courses they will be required to complete. Training courses include webinar attendance and e-Learning completion. If there is another course listed that your staff will need to attend to cover their job role, use the ‘Other’ field and list the course name.


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