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eBET Online Training


Online webinar training for Reception

Welcome to eBET online webinar training.

Each webinar is designed to develop your understanding of the Metropolis System. These webinar topics will be avalaible on various days and times during the week, enabling you to attend according to your personal schedule. Please ensure that you register and attend all of the below webinar sessions required of your position. These webinar topics will assist you in completing the next element of your eBET training.

Once you have completed all of the required webinars, you will then be registered into the next level of your Online Training. You will receive an email notification once you have attended all webinars.

Course Requirements:

Microphone & speakers

Valid email address to be able to receive email notifications and webinar links
Flashplayer (if you do not have Flashplayer please click here to download for free)
Stable internet connection

Register for the below webinar:

Available: Monday & Wednesday | 10.30 – 11.30am


If you have any queries in regards to the Online Training please contact ebet@clubtraining.com.au

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