Drinking affects the Pancreas

Responsible Service of AlcoholConsuming alcohol can have serious consequences in relation to your health, both short and long term. If you consume high levels of alcohol long term, you could be exposing your pancreas to serious illness know as Alcohol Pancreatitis.

You can develop Pancreatitis if you drink continually and in excess, as the more you consume each day the greater risk you are of developing Alcohol Pancreatitis. Alcohol Pancreatitis is when the pancreas tissue and blood vessels become inflamed, and the pancreas cannot function normally as it should. Alcohol Pancreatitis can become an irreversible condition if the person continues to consume alcohol and can develop Pancreatitis Cancer. However, you can decrease the inflammation when you stop consuming alcohol.

Research suggests that up to 10% of continuous heavy drinkers develop Pancreatitis and you are at a higher risk if you consume cigarettes, have a bad diet, exposed to environmental stress and toxins, as well as genetics. All of these factors can contribute to developing Alcohol Pancreatitis. When consuming alcohol, you should consider how much you are consuming and also how often, to decrease the chances of developing Alcohol Pancreatitis.