Drink spiking

Even though drink spiking is illegal, it has occurred in Queensland.One of your key roles when working on licensed premises in Queensland and Responsible Service of Alcohol is to ensure that drink spiking is prevented.

What exactly is drink spiking?

When Alcohol or other substances are added to your drink without you knowing: this drink spiking. Drink spiking is  dangerous practice that can expose you, not only to the possible harmful effects of unknown drugs but make you vulnerable to dangerous situations including assault, robbery, rape, unsafe sex and STDs or even death.

Facts about drink spiking:

  • victims are mostly female
  • some victims have been sexually assaulted
  • some victims died from the effects of the drugs placed in the spiked drink
  • many victims knew the perpetrator
  • many victims are thirty (30) years or over
  • drink spiking has also occurred in soft drinks, even coffee, tea and hot chocolate
  • sometimes drinks spiking occurs by adding extra  alcohol to your drink.

How can I prevent drink spiking?

Drink spiking mostly occurs in late night venues such as night clubs, however incidents can occur anywhere (like private parties).

  • Be aware that drink spiking happens—in quiet premises and private parties as well as in noisy, crowded nightclubs.
  • Discourage patrons from leaving drinks unattended—for example when dancing, going to the toilet or becoming involved in a conversation. It only takes a second to add more alcohol or to drop in a pill or some powder.
  • Discourage patrons from sharing drinks and to be wary of accepting drinks from people they do not know very well.
  • In accordance with your venue’s house policy, throw away drinks that are left unattended
  • In accordance with your venue’s house policy place clean “warning” coasters over unattended drink
  • If you notice any change in a patron’s demeanour or behaviour, report the incident immediately. Quick action may prevent a sexual assault.
  • If someone collapses and is unconscious call an ambulance immediately—but do not leave them alone.

Drink spiking is dangerous and can have serious criminal and health consequences. Ensure you serve alcohol responsibly and assist patrons in having a safe and enjoyable time at your venue.