Don’t forget you’re a customer

Do you provide quality customer service?If you Google “bad customer service” it is fairly certain you will encounter the same photograph I’ve used in this blog:  we waited 30 minutes: NO SERVICE. How do you feel when you are ignored? Now think about the customer service that you deliver, is it really up to standard?

When we are customers we simply hate being ignored. We hate it when the receptionist is on the phone and won’t even look up, we hate it when the waitress spends 15 minutes at the next table smiling and joking and then walks past us without a sideways glance. We get really peeved when the checkout attendant throws down a “next register” sign without even a sorry or when you have to say “excuse me” to interrupt the shop attendant’s conversation to get some help.

Yes we hate all these things when we are customers. Not only do we hate it but we tend to tell at least 9 to 11 other people how much we hate it. We might even take a photo and post to Facebook and most likely never return to that venue as a customer.

We know all these things to be true, yet why is it when those same customers go to work they suddenly forget how awful it feels to be ignored and how frustrating it is to walk aisles and aisle and aisles to get some help. Why do we hate bad service so much but are satisfied to deliver it?

I’m sure the lady in the health food store who ignored me yesterday and let me roam around her store for over 10 minutes while she yakked to her friend outside would be irritated if she was treated the same way when she is a customer.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder to lift us out of complacency. A reminder that we who deliver customer service are customers ourselves. One of the core units in the Certificate III in Hospitality is SITXCCS002A Provide Quality Customer Service. This unit reminds you of the skills you already possess, common sense and courtesy. Often that’s what customers value the most, a little courtesy.