Does someone you love have a gambling addiction? Part two

Responsible Service of GamblingDoes someone you love have a gambling addiction? If someone you love has a gambling addiction, it is hard to cope alone. You need support to be able to get through and to deal with your loved one’s addiction.

To be able to deal with your loved one’s gambling addiction, there are some suggested steps in which could make coping easier, as an addiction affects anyone that is associated with the addicted person. Here are some suggestions:

-Talking to someone that you know such as a friend or family member, that you know will not judge your situation and is a good listener, will be beneficial.

-Talking to a trained counsellor. There are now trained counsellors readily available over the phone, online 24hours, and also available by appointment.

-Have an escape plan if you are at risk of harm – know where you can go to be safe.

-Talk to your children and family members who will benefit from talking openly about the issue. Children, especially, are relieved to know that you have sought help for the issue. Also if required, access counselling support for your children

-It is also important that you make it clear to your children that they are by no means the reason for the issue and should not blame themselves.

Gambling addictions not only affect the individual with the gambling problem but also affects everyone within their life – including you. Therefore, not only do they require assistance and support but their loved ones need support as well. If you require support as a loved one, please contact your local counsellor or support line.