Does someone you love have a gambling addiction? Part four

Responsible Service of GamblingDoes someone you know and love have a gambling addiction? You might be wondering if your partner will be able to cut down and control their issue, or if they will relapse back into their addiction. Trust has been lost between you both and this question is very common: can you trust them again?

Your partner or loved one may be able to succeed in cutting down and controlling their gambling addiction if:

  • They are still able to choose when to gamble and how much to gamble, they exhibit some control

  • They are not chasing a big win to resolve their debt issues and win back what they have lost, they have come to terms that it is impossible and not worth it

  • They believe that they are going to lose more than they are going to win when they gamble, coming to terms

  • If they can gamble and yet still can have a balanced life, meeting their obligations

You may disagree with your partner as to whether or not they will be able to control their addiction. It is most likely more appropriate if your partner or loved one gives up gambling if they:

  • Have been gambling for numerous years

  • Their whole life is centred around gambling

  • They have lost control

  • They have a habit of spending all their available or unavailable funds on gambling, at times not being able to meet their responsibilities

  • They think that they can beat the system

  • They are desperate to win back what they have lost

However, ultimately it has to be their decision to give up their addiction and seek help, as if it is not their decision and has been forced to do so – then they are more likely to lapse as they weren’t ready. Slips and lapses are, nevertheless, common with individuals trying to change their ways. But be assured that this is common, and even if they do have a relapse that they will most likely cut down and/or give up eventually. Also, it is not suggested to constantly look over your shoulder and watchful of your loved one, they need to learn to cope. However, if you are able to spot the signs in advance, you may be able to confront them and talk with them, stopping them. You have to try and work together to resolve the issue, as you both need support to overcome the gambling addiction and the consequential issues with your relationship.