Documenting and Evaluating Operational Plans

Business traineeshipsThis blog continues a series on developing operational plans specifically for students undertaking a business traineeship. Your operational plan will need suitable documentation as well as effective evaluation systems.

Developing Documentation

New procedures, systems, processes and protocols will need to be clearly explained to the operational staff charged with using them. If they do not understand what to do or how to use the new system, then there will be no benefit from introducing them.

Creating documentation associated with the operation, such as policies and procedures, can help the ‘change process’ considerably. Policies and procedures should be coupled with training in the new procedures, equipment or products to ensure the correct message is conveyed.

Specifying Evaluation Systems

Determining how to assess the success of your planning is the final stage of the planning process. You need to analyse whether the decisions you have made are in line with the original goals. Maintaining an idea of the bigger picture will help you determine if what you have decided is appropriate. You may find that you need to readjust some aspects of your plan in order to steer it closer to the direction you require. This is an appropriate time to ask for feedback from stakeholders in the process.