Do you know your products and services?

Certificate II in Hospitality – dealing with conflict at work or at schoolDoes your staff know the products and services that they are selling? Do they know the cost? The ingredients? Where it originates? If you said no, or don’t know, then your staff need extra training as they need to know what they are selling, to be able to sell it effectively and to increase revenue. If your staff don’t know about your products and services, imagine what the customer is thinking – they would be deterred. A Club Training Australia school-based trainee is trained in all elements of the products and services, to ensure that they are confident in what they are selling.

When promoting an organisation’s products and services, all staff must be willing to be proactive, outgoing and willing to learn about the products and services that the venue has on offer. There are some specific areas in which staff must have key knowledge of, including entertainment and function facilities.

Entertainment: All staff need to be aware of the upcoming shows and/or entertainment that the venue has upcoming; this includes dates, times, costs and, if applicable, age restrictions. The staff should be able to have an engaging conversation with the customer about the upcoming entertainment scheduled, enticing the customer to attend.

Function Facilities: Many venues have function facilities on site available for hire, whether it is for corporate events or a birthday parties. Staff should be aware of what facilities there are available, so that they are able to answer questions when required and also to take enquiries for the functions manager to follow up.

It is important for staff to know about the products and services available so that they are able to instantly answer the customer, making the customer feel confident about the venue and want to return. It’s all about the service that you provide your customers and your staff is a key element. If you are interested in completing a school-based traineeship or are looking at employing a school-based trainee – please contact us.