Do you know the signs of undue intoxication?

Do you know the signs of undue intoxication?Preventing patrons from reaching a state of undue intoxication is a key component of responsible service of alcohol. It is essential then, that you know the signs of intoxication.

Some signs of intoxication are obvious immediately, while others are often displayed over a period of time.

The list below contains a list of behaviours often noticed in unduly intoxicated people :-

  • trouble walking, staggering or swaying
  • bumping into furniture
  • stumbling and falling over
  • falling asleep or dozing at the bar or a table
  • clumsy or uncoordinated movements
  • crude behaviour which is out of character
  • spilling drinks or unable to raise a glass
  • inappropriate sexual advances
  • annoying other customers and employees
  • glassy eyes, lack of focus, loss of eye contact
  • becoming careless with money such as buying rounds for strangers
  • becoming loud and boisterous and making comments about others
  • aggression or belligerence
  • becoming agitated or argumentative
  • inability to light a cigarette
  • letting a cigarette burn in an ashtray without smoking it
  • inability to pick up change from table/bar
  • rambling conversation, loss of train of thought
  • altered speech patterns, such as slurred speech
  • making irrational or nonsensical statements

Remember these are only signs of intoxication so please make sure you use common sense before refusing service. The CTA Training RSA online course details the signs of intoxication and assists students in refusing service safely and professionally.