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What is Digital Badging?

Digital badges are dynamic credentials that can tell your certification and training story. Digital badges allow employers to easily see the full picture of your accomplishments, including verifiable skills and achievements. Digital badges are becoming the new standard in training and certification and the future of learning.

CTA Training Specialists are excited to partner with Credly, a leader in digital badging. Now CTA students can collect, showcase, and share their accomplishments using CTA Digital Badges on Credly’s Acclaim platform.

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Want or need a digital badge for your recently completed CTA training course?

How can you earn a CTA Digital Badge?

From the beginning of November 2020 all newly enrolled CTA students are eligible to earn CTA Digital Badge.

  1. Learn and earn
    Complete your online or face to face course or qualification.
  2. Claim it
    Once you have completed your qualification, you automatically earn your CTA Digital Badge. You will receive a confirmation email from CTA followed by a notification from Credly’s Acclaim platform with instructions on how to set up your account then claim and share your CTA Digital Badge.
  3. Share it
    Let your peers, colleagues and potential employees know about your new credential by sharing your CTA Digital Badge. You can share your CTA Digital Badge directly to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, over email, and embed it in your digital resume.
  4. Take the next step
    Now that your skills are verified through the CTA Credly’s Acclaim platform, you can see what jobs you might be qualified for, which employers are hiring, and salary ranges offered. From this platform, you search active job listings and even apply for them.

Why share your CTA Digital Badge?

Whether you are entering the job market for the first time, moving forward in your existing profession or making a career change, CTA Digital Badges help you set yourself apart by representing valuable skills unique to your experiences in a way that is shareable and verifiable.

CTA Digital Badges issued to you via the Acclaim platform represent achievements valued by employers. They tell your professional story in a way that is complete and validated. An employer can click on your badge to view all the details of your achievement.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of Digital Badges?

Representing your skills as a CTA digital badge gives you a way to share your abilities online. This method can be simple, trusted and easily verified in real time. CTA Digital Badges provide employers and peers evidence of what you had to do to earn your CTA Digital Badge and what you are now capable of. Credly’s Acclaim Platform also offers you the option to search and apply for job opportunities.

Where and how can I share my CTA Digital Badge?

Once you have completed an online course, CTA Training Specialists will issue a CTA Digital Badge via Credly’s Acclaim platform. You will receive an email notification with instructions about how to set up your account and claim your CTA Digital Badge. From there you can share your CTA Digital Badge directly to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, over email, and embed it in your digital resume with a simple click of a button.

How is displaying my achievement as a badge useful?

Receiving a CTA Digital Badge allows you to take credit for your abilities and increase your chances of being noticed. By displaying your badge over LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other online destinations you can get noticed by your network and potential employers.

What if I do not want my CTA Digital Badge to be made public?

You can easily configure your privacy settings in the Acclaim platform. You are in complete control of the information about yourself and whether you make it public.

Is there a fee to use a digital credential?

There is no charge to use a CTA Digital Badge. The cost is covered in your course fee.

How do I keep someone from copying my CTA Digital Badge and using it?

While online digital badges are simply digital image files, they are uniquely linked to data hosted on Credly’s Acclaim platform. This link to verified data makes them more reliable and secure than a traditional paper-based credential or certificate. It also eliminates the possibility of anyone claiming your credential as their own. The technology Credly uses is based on the open badge standards maintained by IMS Global.

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